For every beast of the forest is Mine,
The cattle on a thousand hills.
I know every bird of the mountains,
And everything that moves in the field is Mine.
If I were hungry I would not tell you,
For the world is Mine, and all it contains.

Psalm 50:10-12 (NASB)

This particular portion of Psalm 50, written by Aseph, a director of music during the reign of King David, makes me smile. The phrase, “If I were hungry I would not tell you,” has the ring of a father speaking to his two-year-old who thinks he’s being such a big helper. Like the story of the mouse that said to the elephant, after they’d crossed the river, “We sure shook that bridge, didn’t we?” The elephant — if he had brows — would surely raise them in amusement.

Yet there is something comforting here as well. Do I need the nourishment of milk or meat? Well, He’s got cattle. Not only a thousand, but however many there may be on a thousand hills. Do I need to hear a cheering chirp? Good news: every single bird on every single mountain belongs to Him. In fact, with the repeated use of a word like, “Mine,” He is telling me that He has it all. And one of His names is Jehovah-Jireh, “The Lord who provides” — or more literally, “the Lord who sees.” His very name tells me that He sees my needs and will provide for me. So when I am wringing my hands over the increasing bills, or the car that has stopped running, how He must shake His head. “I’ve got it covered,” I can hear Him say. Indeed, He does. He has proved it to me time and time again.

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The One Who Has it All