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I must tell Jesus all of my trials;

I cannot bear these burdens alone;

In my distress He kindly will help me;

He ever loves and cares for His own.

I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!

I cannot bear my burdens alone;

I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!

Jesus can help me, Jesus alone.

Elisha A. Hoffman

Tell Jesus

“You cannot do better than to take all your sorrows to Jesus.” These words were spoken by Pastor Elisha Hoffman, on a house call, when he was consoling a severely depressed woman. His simple statement might well have been forged in the fires of his own trials — he had lost his young wife some time before. There is loneliness in grief, I think, even when a person is blessed with loving friends and family. It seems there is a part of the human soul that feels some losses so deeply, that to really share them with another person, even a close friend, seems impossible. But to tell Jesus — oh, brightening of heart, oh, relief of spirit — that is possible. That brings healing. The woman must have thought so too. Her face lit up and she exclaimed, “That’s it! I must tell Jesus.” Her words stayed with Hoffman, and he later penned the hymn, “I Must Tell Jesus.”

I am almost at a loss as to why this song is so comforting. Circumstances do not necessarily change with the singing. Why then do we need, deep down need, to “tell Jesus”? If a situation that causes pain continues to be in our lives, what good does it do to tell Him how we feel about it? Perhaps it is because when we follow the advice of this song, we sense His presence. In those moments, we know He is near. He hastens to help us. He cries with us, loves us, cares for us, bears our burdens.

Tell it to Jesus. See if you will find, as I have, that “He ever loves and cares for His own.”

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