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Cease striving and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10 (NASB)

God Knows Best

Anne of Green Gables is my favorite movie, favorite book, and favorite fictional character. I love everything about her, everything about the book, and everything about the movie, except one: Matthew’s death. (Matthew was Anne’s adoptive father. He and his sister Marilla had arranged to adopt a boy, but due to a miscommunication, the orphanage sent a girl instead — a skinny, red-headed, drama-queen named Anne. Matthew loved Anne from the first, and spent many happy years showing her so. Then one terrible day, Matthew died of a heart attack.) There’s a scene after his death, in Anne’s bedroom. Marilla, having heard Anne crying, goes in to console her. Here are the words she chooses as her consolation: “It’s not right to cry so; God knows best.”

I don’t mind saying I readily dismiss the first part of her statement. I’ve found a good cry to be helpful at times. But the second part has been on my mind for weeks now. A sorrow touched my life recently, and though it was different than Anne’s, I did indeed “cry so.” However, I also knew that God knows best.

Cease striving is sometimes translated be still. Rest. Have peace. I’ve come to realize I won’t always know the answers to my many “whys.” But three little words bring calm, deep in my spirit. How wonderful it is to say, with good, old-fashioned Marilla Cuthbert, “God knows best.”

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