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“In the morning I will order my prayer to Thee
and eagerly watch.”

Palm 5:3 NASB

Eagerly Watch

So many of my favorite verses bring comfort during trials, and bolster my faith during difficult times. I believe such times are to be expected, both as a natural result of being a follower of Jesus, who walked a road of suffering, and because a certain depth of character is rarely formed during times of plenty. But recently, I noticed the above words of anticipation from Psalm 5. They bring to mind a little girl, waiting all day for the moment when she can finally open her presents. They remind me that God delights to give good gifts to His children. He knows us better than we know ourselves. And as I’ve often observed, His gifts are tailored perfectly to each individual. 

There’s something poignant about the phrase, “eagerly watch.” One Christmas Eve, when I was a child, I was quite dismayed at the dull grays and browns that met my eyes when I looked outside. So I prayed for a white Christmas. The next morning, I raced to the window, and with childlike faith, gazed out. What to my wondering eyes should appear but the thickest, most glorious layer of frost I’d ever seen. Every delicate tree branch, every blade of grass, every outbuilding, from barn to chicken coop to woodshed, was clothed in glittering white. He’d answered!

Friend, when was the last time you lifted a prayer to God and eagerly watched? I hope it’s today.

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